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Malaria Prevention - Vaccinations

During the months of June - October we absolutely recommend prevention. Details on which product is best for each individual is better received from your Doctor.

On overland journeys, you will sometimes be asked for proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination.

You should always make sure you are upto date with your Tetanus Vaccination.

The Trip Overland

Following your journey through Europe, you can take a ferry in Algeciras (Southern Spain - Near Gibraltar) to Ceuta or Tanger (Morocco). While on the ferry you can take care of all Moroccan entry formalities and change money.

At the port in Tanger there should be no problems. There is plenty of opportunities to change money and buy insurance for your vehicle.

Travelling through Morocco should not pose any problems, there are good supplies of fuel, food and accommodation etc.

Western Sahara - Mauretania

Since 2002 there is no more need to travel on a convoy.

The last petrol station is approximatelly 20 km from the Maroccan exit border, it is advisable to fill your tanks and any reserve gerry cans you are carrying there.

Apart from waiting time there should be no problems at the Exit border.

The Mauretania border post is a further 4 km. Gendarmerie, Police, Customs. Again apart from the usual delay while waiting to be proccessed there should be no problems at the border. Visas are no more issued at the border, you have to organize it in Rabat/Morocco or in yor home country.

There are money changers and insurance brokers at the border.

Take the new road from Nouadibou to Nouakchott ( you don't need a guide or any special equipment for the desert, unless you plan on going off road and into the dunes. However you should carry spare fuel).

Exit border to Senegal

You can cross into Senegal via the ferry at Rosso ( There can be a lot of husslers) or take the dam to Diama (but not in the rainy season)


All vehicles older than 5 years need a Carnet from the Automabile Club (RAC) Otherwise you will be asked to pay for an escort to the Gambian Border. The cost for this can be between 120 and 250 Euros though there are no fixed prices.


Once you have crossed into The Gambia, before you reach Barra and just after the junction to Kerevan. You will see sign-board GPTC - opposite you have to buy your ticket for the ferry Barra - Banjul. You can not buy your ticket at Barra.

When you reach Banjul follow the route on the MAP (Click Here) This gives you the easiest and most direct rout to Camping Sukuta.

Return Flights

During the high season there are several flights to the UK - Manchester, Bristol, London ..... etc. There are also flights to Amsterdam, Spain, Frankfurt and Brussels. The prices are always different, we can organise your return flight or give you directions to the travel offices. Ask on your arrival.