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Buy, Sell A Car Longterm Parking

Sukuta Carpark is an extetion to our service offered to our guests. Our Car Park is opposide from Camping Sukuta and Lodge. We will handle all vehicle related dealings.

For Example:-
Longterm Parking
Car Buying
Car Sales
Car Maintenance
Payment of Import Duty

While Sukuta Carpark may not be able to purchase all vehicles that people offer, it is possible that your vehicle can be sold for a commission by Sukuta Carpark. All salle proceeds following the sale of the vehicle will be immediately transferred to your bank account.

Vehicles with a Carnet De Passage

Sukuta Carpark will organise the clearing of all paperwork. All documents will then be handed back or sent to your home address. This will relieve and stress conected with dealing with the authorities and alow you to relax and enjoy your holidays.

Car Buyers

Mostly, the locals wishing to buy your vehicle are only going to waste your time. We recommend you use the services on offer from and Sukuta Carpark.

Sukuta Carpark Tariff (prices per month)

Longterm Parking  (with Carnet de Passage)
Car parking                      (under the roof plus 10.00 Euro)
Van - Minibus                   (under the roof plus 15.00 Euro)
Lorry up to 8mtr               (under the roof plus 18-20 Euro)
Motorbike (kept in container)
Motorbike (kept outside)
Bicycle (kept in container)